In Time

View From The Hill - In Time - Cover Art
“In Time” was the first full album release from View from the Hill. It marked the beginning of the band’s relationship with the major record label EMI Records. EMI had signed the band in 1986, at the point at which the band had started to achieve critical acclaim from the release on the independent label Survival Records of the self-entitled EP “View from the Hill”. The release of the EP on Survival Records was itself a repackaging and re release of the EP which had been issued on the Zara label two years earlier.

“In Time” crossed different musical styles including soul, rock and adult contemporary. One of the unique characteristics about the music of View from the Hill is the combination of great soulful ballads with interesting and poignant social commentary. This combination obviously appealed to the tastes of a discerning record buying public because, following the release of the Album the band acquired further critical recognition, particularly for two of the songs which were initially release as singles, No Conversation and I’m No Rebel. Both tracks found their way into the UK charts.

For the recording of “In Time”, the Band had used a number of different producers, including Stewart Levine (producer of The Crusaders, Minnie Ripperton, Simply Red and Oleta Adams), with whom the band recorded No Conversation and I’m No Rebel; Mick Glossop, whose long relationship with the music of Van Morrison made him a perfect fit for music for a band like View from the Hill. Mick Glossop produced “Stay and Let Me Love You” and “Lovers Confessions”, tracks which stand out as consummate soulful ballads. Other producers on the album were Pete Winfield (18 with a bullet) who took the seat for “Turn out the Light” and Howard Gray, who sat in for “On the Corner”. The other tracks on the album were produced by Patrick and Trevor along with Nick Gatfield.

Rules Of The Game

View From The Hill - Rules Of The Game - Cover Art
“In Time” was followed by “Rules of the Game”. The recording of Rules of the Game started during the band’s stint with EMI Records. The initial recording started with producer Gary Katz in New York at Sorcerer Studios lasting for a period of six weeks. While the band was undertaking this project, “In Time” was still making its way along the promotion trail in both the UK and the USA. The Band had by then been placed with EMI’s American counterpart Capitol Records for its US release and promotion and under the auspices of Capitol Records undertook a promotional tour of the USA.

However, the Band’s relationship with EMI ended during this period and it was many years before “Rules of the Game” was finally completed, although Trevor and Patrick continued to record tracks for “Rules of the Game”. The process was undertaken over an extended period, and it took eight years before they finally returned in earnest to the studio to complete the album which was finally released in 2002.

Rules of the Game contains tracks that fall into the soul/ R&B genre and the band’s style id exemplified by tracks such as:
Operator and Man of Mystery.

Don’t Look Back

View From The Hill - Don't Look Back - Cover Art
“Don’t Look Back” was wholly produced by Patrick Patterson and Trevor White. It was recorded and mixed almost entirely at Ocean Studios and Yellow Fish studios in the UK. The Band introduced the album with the deep and soulful single “Put Your Faith in Me”.

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